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Shadeco’s folding arm awnings are high quality, custom made, retractable shade structures. Available in a number of different styles to suit various applications, these awnings create an extended entertainment area protected from the sun and light rain.


The awning can be operated manually or motorised with optional sun, wind and timer systems. Motorised awnings can be added to your home automation systems via products such as SOMFY's TaHoma Switch. LED lighting can also be integrated into the awnings for the ultimate entertaining area.


These awnings use acrylic fabrics from leading European manufacturers featuring a large selection of plain colours, patterns and stripes. NEW 2024 releases from both Dickson and Docril are available now and feature new block stripes in pastel shades, contemporary pinstripes and updated textures.  


Technical information for our custom made awnings:

- Width of a single awning: 2m – 7m. Coupled awnings can be up to 21m.

- Projection range available: 1.5m - 3.5m. The awning width must be greater than the projection.

- Inclination range (set at the time of installation): 5° - 45°.

- Our Select-a-Pitch option is available on smaller awnings to allow for manual pitch selection. 


- Our awnings are made here in Sydney. All operating components are designed and manufactured in Germany.

- Extruded aluminium profiles for pelmets and cassettes provide solid, stable and long lasting quality.

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