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Zipscreen User Guide

Updated: Feb 27

To keep your new Zipscreen® awning working for years to come, please remember to follow these guidelines;

DO NOT leave the Zipscreen® awning down when you are away from home or in extreme weather conditions.

DO NOT roll the Zipscreen® blind up when wet (to avoid mould and mildew to build up on it). In the even that extreme winds are present, roll up your Zipscreen® and wait for the weather to settle before attempting to dry your blind out.

DO NOT force the Zipscreen® blind up or down if it is jamming. Forcing the Zipscreen® blind may result in further damage (for example, the zip may forced out of the side guide, or the fabric may rip). Contact your Zipscreen® supplier for guidelines on how to fix.

DO NOT operate the spring controlled Zipscreen® from the sides - always use the weight bar or handle and operate from the centre.

DO NOT operate the system remotely. It is best to be present while the system is in operation to prevent damage from unseen obstructions or extreme winds.

DO NOT lean persons or objects against the fabric especially while the system is in motion. Always ensure there are no obstructions while lowering and raising the blind.

Do NOT use any silicone sprays, degreasers or lubricants on your Zipscreen®.

DO NOT use a pressure cleaner to clean your Zipscreen®.


Use a mild detergent and a soft brush or cloth to clean your Zipscreen® when required. Never use a pressure hose or harmful chemicals on your blinds. Always clean dirt, animal dropping and stains as soon as possible to prevent potential deterioration of your system.

For more detailed information on how to care for your Zipscreen® blind, you can download the User Guide below or visit the Zipscreen® website.

Shadeco Zipscreen_brochure2023
Download PDF • 4.75MB

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