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Energy saving tips

The Australian Department of the Environment and Energy has reported that 40% of household heating energy in winter can be lost through windows.

With energy bills on the rise, it's a timely reminder to make use of existing blinds and curtains you have already on your windows and doors both in the home and office.

Prevent heat loss or gain with well-fitted curtains, blinds or shutters to trap a layer of air next to the window. Open curtains in winter to let the sun in during the day and close them before it gets dark. This layer of insulation will make your use of heating more effective.

In Summer, close your curtains & blinds during the hottest part of the day particularly on west facing windows.

If possible, consider installing awnings on windows that catch a lot of summer sun. If you can shade the glass before the heat gets through it, you will keep the inside of your house much cooler, making any use of air conditioning more effective (or perhaps not necessary at all!)

Pivot arm awnings are perfect for most windows and allow for open windows to provide airflow whilst still providing shade. These awnings can be manually operated with a simple rope & wall cleat or crank handle or motorised.

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