Timber shutter care

Updated: Jul 14


Regular light dusting will help keep your shutters looking their very best. Use a feather duster, dusting cloth or vacuum with soft brush attachments. When a more thorough clean is needed, simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not use any cleaning products.


To maintain structural integrity of your 100% timber shutters, avoid exposure to high levels of moisture and steam. Never spray cleaning products directly onto your shutters or you may damage the timber. When cleaning windows behind shutters, avoid contact with your shutters by always spraying glass cleaner directly onto your cleaning cloth before wiping down the glass.


If required, the drive blade tension can be adjusted. To do so, simply remove the sicker located on the side of the panel. Use a screwdriver to gently rotate clockwise until the blade has enough tension to enable all the blades to maintain their position. Take care not to over tension the drive blade as you may split the timber and this is not covered by warranty.

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